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Overseas Trade StatisticsJun 201507 Aug 2015View
Regional Trade StatisticsQuarter 1-201504 Jun 2015View
Alcohol DutyJul 201528 Aug 2015View
Landfill TaxJul 201525 Aug 2015View


  • Pre-announcement: Regional Trade Statistics (RTS) - Revisions to Data Read more25 Aug 2015
  • Information Note: Enhanced Sharing of International Trade in Goods Data between HMRC and ONS Read more24 Aug 2015
  • Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS) for June 2015 Read more07 Aug 2015
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  • uktradeinfo Web Survey Read more

    13 Feb 2015Status:Closed
  • Consultation outcome: Simplification of Intrastat Read more

    30 Jan 2015Status:Closed
  • Non-inventory linked ports and airports Read more

    05 Jan 2015Status:Closed
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Welcome to UKTradeInfo

This web site is managed by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Trade Statistics unit, and operates alongside the main HMRC website for the purpose of publishing and hosting UK trade statistics data.

These statistics record the movement - for trade purposes - of goods between the UK and both EU and non-EU countries.

They are collected from the EU-wide Intrastat survey and from Customs import and export entries, both administered by HMRC.  


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UK World Trade Data

The UK World Trade Data (June, 2015) chart showing 14185369638 series, 16085453082 series, 11759792219 series, 19057521661 series.
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